Unauthorized Use of Art

An old piece of art that I was paid a small one-time-use fee for 20 years ago is currently being used to promote a record. This work does not represent my current style (such as it is), nor my taste in music. If you see my name attached in any way to artwork on records released in 2015, I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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IF: Orbit


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‘Murmur’ Book Status Report: 1.20.19


Still working on the Murmur book after almost a year. This is getting to be as involved as my thesis, except without the weekly long drives and the toll booth halfway and the leaky roof over the press. Plus no presses (very sad about that). Anyway, maybe eventually this huge unruly thing’ll get finished for real. So much hinges on it, so much is delayed ’cause it’s not done yet. It’s my fault for being over-ambitious. But when you have the whole book in your hand (whoever the heck you are), maybe, maybe it’ll be worth it.

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“Outsider” Art class

Chalking up the first lecture for my new class on so-called Outsider Art as more of a learning experience for me than for my students. I mean, even though by now I’ve given tons of lectures (believe it or not), every single time at bat’s like relearning the whole process all over again. Anyhow, I “think” I’ve figured out lecture #2, which’ll (I hope) communicate this idea:

We don’t like it when things don’t have names. A name’s a handle, literally. And so we try to name the nameless according to whatever rules we have for this endeavor. And because naming gives us the idea we’ve tamed the wilderness, if we’re sloppy or wrong in how we go about bestowing labels, we don’t worry about it too much until the named speak up. And even then we might only slowly, fitfully make adjustments, because renaming requires a lot of hard, careful thought and also recognizing that names are always imperfect. But what if some of the named routinely shrug off the labels we keep trying to drape over their shoulders? What if they constantly slip this way and that regardless of our need to box them into what we think are final, neat, perfect categories? We end up chasing the unnamed across the landscape, bellowing at them to wait up, wait up, while they run and dart and jump over all our traps and obstacles. While they continue being what they are, true to their own various purposes and desires, however idiosyncratic these may seem to us from a distance. That’s kind of what we’re dealing with here when we try to describe the field of study known (for better or, arguably, worse) as Outsider Art.

In other words, who’s the outsider, really? The maker or the viewer? (Spoiler: it’s the viewer.)

We’ll see how it goes. Like, for one thing, it’s gotta fill 2 hours (believe it or not). And it has to avoid putting folks completely to sleep…

Meanwhile, there are books to make, drawings to draw, things to write…someday.

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IF: Moon


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IF: Animal


An old drawing because there’s no time this week for a new drawing, which is too bad ’cause I kinda had an idea, but, anyway, time, like I said.

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Animated Autogyro #2


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Animated Autogyro #1


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Future Style of Autogyro



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Back to Work: ‘Murmur’ Artist’s Book


Listening to Novella’s Land while getting back to the artist’s book that got back-burnered back before the move. Like, at long last, I’m at the part after the Scouring of the Shire in my own personal story. And this book super needs to get finished before the boat sails away to the new elf country.

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Bryn Chancellor: ‘When Are You Coming Home?’


Bryn Chancellor’s fiction collection When Are You Coming Home? is officially coming out on September 1, 2015. A lot of folks, though, have been able to get it ahead of time from some of the bookstores listed below. I happen to be a little bit biased, since I watched the author write most of these stories (but not in a creepy way). Even so, I think this is a very fine book and am glad Bryn now gets to share it with the rest of the world. Her website is located at brynchancellor.com

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Animated ‘Notebook’



So that’s all of the work from beyond the dawn of time. Now on to brand new stuff that’ll probably look kinda the same as the old stuff but also really different. I hope.

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Animated ‘Quad’



I had about 48 hours 4 years ago to make this 4″ x 6″ eavesdroppings book. If I had it to do over again, it’d be at least 1000% different. Like, it wouldn’t be green and pink, for one thing. Plus it’d have different, maybe less crude letterforms. But my time bike’s still in the shop with a busted chronic dynamo. And in any case, new work will start to happen soon, which’ll crowd out the memory of this old stuff, which’ll be nice.

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Work in Progress: ‘Murmur’ Artist’s Book



Work that’s happening inside of and around and over and under other work. The whole stab-bound thing will have 30 folios (meaning 60 mess-covered pages), so there’s still a ways to go. But you’ll be able to print it out yourself when it’s done, as long as you have about nine dozen fresh ink cartridges handy. And, yes, the contrast between the dull cover and the colorful innards is of course totally on purpose.

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Animated ‘Smart Cookie’



A miniature book from 2012. The text is from hundreds of assorted fortune cookie fortunes collected over the years. Printed from polymer plates on a Vandercook press.

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