3D Illustration Instructions


This is the first draft of a tutorial on making 3D drawings. Who knows when a second or third draft will happen (we’re in the middle of moving, so life’s a little chaotic at the moment). Everything that was supposed to be cyan might look like a slightly different kind of blue in the PDF, but that’s okay. You can still see (I hope) how the layers are supposed to work. The original drawing with more accurate colors is located here.

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Secret Project Status Report: 2/23/15


In the middle of breaking down my studio so it can go into storage, thus the various delays. But I’m still working on this. Even making fairly detectable progress, which is nice. Still a ton more folios to go, though. Why’d I decide on 30? ‘Cause that’s a lot, you know? Oh, well, anyway, that’s my usual thing, I guess, choosing to do too many pages. But it makes for a nice chunky book when you’re done, and I like that part.

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Secret Project Status Report: 2/18/15


After about a million decades of studying art, I have at long last decided making handouts is possibly one of my top ten or twenty most favorite artistic activities ever. Seriously. And now that this bit is done, I have to go finish the content part of the book, which will take all day tomorrow and the next day and the next one, too, probably, along with lots of other stuff that’s also equally important and has to get done very incredibly soon.

Here’s a clue, by the way: Des montagnes, des bois, des nuages, des mers . . . .

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Secret Project Status Report: 2/16/15



Two folios done, 28 more to go. Plus a couple of extra bits. So maybe, maybe I’ll finish everything by Friday. Or sooner. Which would be better. Because after this first one, these things ought to not take a million hours each, especially when there are lots of very tall mountains of other things to do. Some involving actual mountains. Anyhow, we’ll see. And, yeah, I finally figured out how to do art like early-90s art. Yay for me, belatedly.

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Sketchbook 2/12/15: The Noisiest Band in the World


Yes, that’s right, it’s a backwards theremin, due to reasons. Although, does it even matter? It’s been about a billion years since I saw that cool old documentary about theremins, so I can’t remember anymore the ins and outs of how they work. Anyway, the thing is, I listened to Brian Eno and Harold Budd pretty much the whole time I drew this. And not, for example, thrash banjo, because they don’t have a section for that at our local record shop, which is Gilligan’s Isle of Wax out on Old Murphy Road. Mention my sketchblog when you visit and you’ll get a discount on orphaned mixtapes. Plus one free Andes mint.

Oh, and I wanted to call them The Decibelles, but according to the Internet, that’s taken. Which pretty much always happens to every band name I ever think up. Probably why I’ve never had a band. Plus I only know one chord instead of the requisite three.

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Sketchbook 2/11/15: Future Style of Mixing Desk


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Famous Movie Beards #37: ‘Le genou di Claire’


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Wallpaper #2: Sgraffito Style of House


Here’s the 2560×1440 version.
And here’s the 1920×1080 version.

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Sketchbook 2/3/15: Gem Collector


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Wallpaper #1: Gameboard


Here’s the 2560×1440 version.
And here’s one that’s 1920×1080.

And now back to work.

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Even More Ancient Marker Doodles


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Random New Doodles with Very Old Markers


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Lost ‘Notebook’

Sad little lost artist’s book.

So, I mailed off one of the last few copies of an artist’s book it took me a million years to make, and it ended up getting delivered to somewhere in the hinterlands of Limbo. So it’s gone forever, I guess. Which is breaking my heart like a dwarf is in there with a hammer smashing all the 40-watt bulbs in the dwarf cave in the middle of my soul.

Anyway, if you live in Chicago and you see this book floating around, please let me know, because I definitely want it back. It was one of my favorite ones and the loss of it is likely not going to be totally bearable. Either financially or spiritually. I mean, it was going to a new home, and that’s a kind of loss, but I can deal with that. It’s the idea that it ended up in the trash that’s causing all the trouble with my innards. That used to happen a lot in art school, that you would see your work in the garbage after a group exchange. But that’s school and so it doesn’t count as a real hurt. It counts a ton in real life, though.

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IF – Radio

A re-drawing of an old drawing about my late Uncle, who completely loved radios.

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Because of Germs

A drawing my Uncle did back in the Fifties. Love the see-through arms.

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