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Memory Hole

This is mostly a pretty crummy drawing of nothing in particular. Or, at least, it sort of is of something, but it ended up coming out all wrong, as usual. Good thing my so-called aesthetic’s all built around wrongness. Anyway…at … Continue reading

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Future Style of Beach House

Just trying to get back to sketching, after about eighty months of dealing with completely Other stuff. So far, my pen’s not cooperating too much and I guess also my brains or eyes or whatever. But, over the holidays I … Continue reading

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Very Fast Radio

I was just rereading Cordwainer Smith’s 1963 story “Drunkboat,” even though I was supposed to be working on my Comm final (and also at long last drawing some actual brand new pictures), when I ran across the phrase “instant message,” … Continue reading

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So, as usual, there’s nothing too thrilling to report, except that we cast our rings in jewelry class last week, and after 90 hours of grinding and polishing, I guess mine’s finally done. I’d post a picture but it’s way … Continue reading

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