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Munakata, Cornell

Went to the Art Institute of Chicago today in search of Japanese prints and Cornell boxes. Found both thanks to a very helpful docent. Restored my faith in humanity, in fact. The docent, I mean. The prints and boxes were … Continue reading

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IF – Time

This is an old drawing from a series of things I tried to do once about life in a kind of weird imaginary city. The whole thing was inspired by Ben Katchor’s amazing Knipl stories, which all take place in … Continue reading

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Secret Robot Man

So, this is like a four-million-year-old piece of animation, from back when I barely knew how to even turn on a computer, not that I’m all that much farther along now. The timing’s all off and the ideas, such as … Continue reading

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Kind of extremely busy all of a sudden, but I did sort of manage to get around to cutting some lino, for whatever it’s worth. Anyway, I guess this is a really crummy proof, but you can sort of see … Continue reading

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Fish Rocket

No time for a new drawing today, ’cause of Various Fascinating Tasks that I’m working on, and also ’cause I had to do a lot of research about how to deal with neighborhood issues. But when I was hunting around … Continue reading

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The Rock and the Whirlpool

The sea-monster Charybdis, which I guess I’m picturing as a kind of angry anemone, and the rocky island where Scylla lives. The inspiration was red-figure pottery and 60’s children’s book art. From a book-like object I want to make about … Continue reading

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