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Invite Sketch

This is apparently a sketch for some sort of invitation. Meanwhile, I’m now 40% done with my project. Which, I guess there’s about 2 and 1/2 weeks to get the other 60% done…so, we’ll see if it actually happens. If … Continue reading

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This is also for that project thing I sort of mentioned before.

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Water Finder

This, again, is for this mystery thing I’m working on, or thinking about working on, when I’m not working on other stuff.

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Work Site

One of the things I’m juggling at the moment is this new website thing. Still pretty rough, but maybe the idea is halfway clear. And, you know, remember I’m not a designer (in case it’s not obvious, which I’m certain … Continue reading

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Washed Pod

Apparently, you can totally launder an iPod and it’ll be okay. Or, well, I guess I don’t mean OK in the classic NASA sense, ’cause the one I forgot to take out of my pocket before I did laundry won’t … Continue reading

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