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Various Dreams, 12.09

1. Dreamt that Peter Buck of R.E.M. owned a barber shop called “Go Team Go!”. 2. Lost & carless in a big weird city, which was part a New York borough like a Knipl borough, part Los Angeles circa November … Continue reading

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Books, 12.09

1. The Bridge, Iain Banks 2. The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood 3. The Ideal Book, William Morris 4. Pat the Beastie, Henrik Drescher 5. Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell 6. Transition, Iain M. Banks 7. Rubber Soul, Sandra Mizumoto Posey

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Various Dreams, 11.09

1. Sat house for Willie Nelson while he was away taking care of some sort of business. His house was small and empty and the fridge only had packets of restaurant margarine in it. 2. Tried to find a train … Continue reading

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