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Brand New Hero

Idea for a new superhero: Good-Looking Corpse, a re-animated showbiz legend of some kind with surprisingly nice zombie skin and fancy scrimshaw dentures, wears a rhinestone tuxedo to hide his rhinestone superhero suit, fights crime with witticisms and drum solos … Continue reading

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No more…

No more googling, no more facebooking, no more wikipedia rabbit holes, no more online Wheel of Fortune, no more looking up videos of cats doing jigsaw puzzles. Instead: fresh air, reading actual paper-based books, and drawing pictures of stuff and … Continue reading

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This Week’s Favorite Book

Of all the artists’ books I’ve ever seen or held, this one (the top one) by Sara Owen has to be one of my all-time most favorite ones. I don’t know Sara at all, but she’s a graduate of the … Continue reading

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Pulp Style Art #2

They didn’t pick this one, which I totally understand…it was by far the longest shot of them all. But I’m posting the whole thing anyway because of how proud I am of “‘A Night at the Space Opera’ by Herman … Continue reading

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2011 Eustace Tilley Contest Entry: Wandering Eye

So, my drawing “Wandering Eye” is one of this year’s winning drawings…which is a shot of much-needed validation, because lately I’ve been feeling pretty un-artistic, or at least sort of weirdly unable to make my pen do what my imagination … Continue reading

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