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Genius Spam

I think my so-called blog has now become a thing sort of like a laundry lint trap, because the only comments it gets anymore are just billions of spam comments. Although they’re pretty entertaining comments, even if they’re generated by … Continue reading

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Ah, Spring Break at last! Now I can resume work on my novel Pimento, a vast historical saga about seventeen generations of the Scovilles, a family of pepper magnates in the Central American “Pepper Republic” of Costa Mala. I’m working … Continue reading

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Brave New World

Still don’t have time to draw, what with school and everything (which is all going fine)…but I do occasionally have time to work on my spring reading program, which is (apparently) to reread all the various dystopian novels of my … Continue reading

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Notes from the Commute

On the hour-long way back home from school: Signs: “Jobs Jobs Jobs: Twinkle” / “Make Hobson Your Choice” / “Pilot Car Follow Me” Trusty creosote aroma at the 50 minute mark. How you know you’re close. As soon CD got … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking

Fingers all crossed, every horseshoe open side up, the old blue bottle of found pennies collecting fresh moonlight on the windowsill, hope flowing a long way into the ether like shortwave radio, a hundred years of drawing and lots more … Continue reading

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