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Bonus Info: Boustrophedon Books

I think my Saturday workshop went all right. I think, at least, that everyone survived the origami book project, which I know was a challenge to do right off the bat, although I hope it was a fun one. I … Continue reading

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Workshop: Introduction to Bookbinding

Jumble: a 3″x3″ letterpress pamphlet, 2011. A sketch of the imposition for a miniature boustrophedon.A square sheet with six folds and three cuts.In this version, the horizontal folds are all mountains.The vertical folds are: valley, mountain, valley. As usual, I’m … Continue reading

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Imaginary Book Cover: ‘Logan’s Run’

An imaginary cover for a Norwegian edition of the ancient science fiction novel, Logan’s Run. The bad translation of the tagline is: “In the future, there is no future!” But I have no idea if that’s right or not…my method … Continue reading

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Cone Designs

Sketches of some of brand new ideas for the international design firm, TORP. Basically, after many decades of thought, the plan I’ve at long last figured out is, this is how I’ll make my fortune. Then I’ll waste my fortune … Continue reading

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Imaginary Postcard: Doodle Chart

This is kind of a placeholder image until I can get around to posting trip pictures. And, yeah, I think I can telepathically detect that your main question about the image is, what the heck is it? Well, it’s one … Continue reading

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Old Zoo Picture

While we were throwing stuff away from overstuffed closets, I ran across this xerox of a painting I did a while back and then forgot all about. I would paint it a ton differently now, but I guess that’s how … Continue reading

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After putting eleven-hundred-and-fifty-six brand new miles on the odometer and about a billion awesome lungfuls of bright warm air into our brains and souls, we’re back…although still unpacking and laundering and trying to remember where stuff belongs or where we … Continue reading

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