Hombre Secreto

hombre secreto

So, that artist’s statement I wrote for class the other day, I went back and overhauled it as best I could yesterday. So that now it’s very slightly less annoying, although it still has way too many personal pronouns. Anyway, the first draft was even more full of ’em than the second draft, so it’s progress to even drop two or three. But, again, if only it could be way, way shorter. Of course, since my wife’s a Real Life Writer, I’ve been getting excellent advice about my millions of extra commas and whatever, but when I complain about having to work with words and suggest to her that writing must be easier for actual writers than for us visual folk, she lets me know real quick it’s pretty hard for everybody. Speaking of which, although I’m freaking out about getting all my work done this semester, you oughta see the giant pile of work she’s gotta do…all of which I’m extremely proud of her for doing. But, man, if and when I get my next degree, I’m definitely gonna get it in something easy, like doodling or perhaps Mad Libs.

Okay, so, anyhow, here’s an ancient drawing from back when I was gonna do a weird little comic book which ended up never going past this cover. And, well, I guess I also have half a napkin of scribbled character notes, the only part of which that’s still decipherable says, “Robot fashion designer, model named Z something, not always masked (too El Borbah).” I can’t recall what the heck any of that was supposed to mean. But, you know, even though there’s a lot wrong with this particular picture, I wish I could remember to fill spaces with dots more often, ’cause it sure looks like fun. Meanwhile, maybe tomorrow I can do an actual brand new drawing. I hope.

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