Secret Robot Man

secret robot man

So, this is like a four-million-year-old piece of animation, from back when I barely knew how to even turn on a computer, not that I’m all that much farther along now. The timing’s all off and the ideas, such as they are, aren’t really resolved. I think mostly I was trying to do an opening sequence for a really, really bad cartoon, since bad cartoons were always my favorite kind. About all I like now is the jumpy title card, ’cause of the triangular border. Anyway, I guess this is kind of a sketchblog, and although I want to draw new stuff pretty bad, time’s just not cooperating at the moment, so I’m throwing out old stuff as I run across it while doing Other Work. I figure that, even if it’s not that great, maybe it’ll give me an idea for something in the future, which is usually how it works. Building sort of acceptable work out of the wreckage of old failed projects, that is. Many old failed projects. Note, by the way, that the Replay button doesn’t work in QuickTime and also that I had a weirder than usual color palette back then.

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5 Responses to Secret Robot Man

  1. neilornstein says:

    your work is delightful

  2. Susan says:

    I enjoyed the show. I am just learning flash and find it very challenging after photoshop.

  3. tw says:

    Well, I still have a huge amount to learn. I can sort of make stuff move, but it all moves in a pretty rough and jerky way. Although I sort of like that look, sometimes.

  4. flavio morais says:

    …i love it!

    • tw says:

      Thanks! I hope to make some more animations sometime this year…this is definitely something I need a lot more practice doing.

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