una vacanza su Aldebaran

una vacanza

Sketch for a new cover for Ugo Litorina’s 1966 novel, A Holiday on Aldebaran. The spaceman, of course, is Lev Podor, who also appeared in The Automatic Giraffe, Hoxa’s Planet, and The Trojan Dragon. The monster, meanwhile, isn’t really a monster, but is instead Rhino, Podor’s trusty Venusian companion. Anyway, I guess you can still find this title, though it’s been out of print since 1970…I last saw a pretty decent copy in a used bookstore in Scottsdale about three years ago. Bet it’s still there, in fact…although now I can’t remember the name of the store. I just sort of remember it’s kind of near the “Sphinx Date Ranch,” whatever the heck that is.

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