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From ancient sketchbook page to recent thumbnail to even more recent sketch to the actual finished piece, this is a picture of the imaginary zinesters Esme Ohm and Reuven Keller working on their ‘zine Art Vandal, which they publish once every five or six years. I suppose you could even say they’re propagating it…although most of the time you probably wouldn’t say that, even if copying stuff other than biological entities is like the fifth or sixth sense in the dictionary. And, yes, despite my serial lengthy and fractious relationships with various makes and models of xerography machines, I apparently cannot draw one except in a technically incorrect sort of way. Oh, well, work on that next time…or, maybe not exactly next time, since there’s other stuff I also need to work on just as much. But, anyway, eventually. ‘Cause it’s important.

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  1. Cool! It’s wonderful to see the process.

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