IF – Fearless


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7 Responses to IF – Fearless

  1. Susan says:

    Lovely, Beauty and the Beast?

    And what a testament to a nice cup of tea!

  2. Mr Spoqui says:

    Me encanta! (I love it!) Saludos, Mr Spoqui

  3. tw says:

    Thanks. I wonder every day if I should give up doing this stuff, or if I should at least start drawing some other way than how I draw. But, I guess I’ll keep at it a while longer. The feedback’s nice to hear, is what I’m saying.

    Also, via some kind of weird (and completely accidental) ESP, I apparently “borrowed” the idea of a demon tea party from this image: http://www.imagekind.com/Demons-to-Tea_art?IMID=bafd98d3-b56b-4b3f-a7a6-2ededd79a42c

    Now that I’ve seen it, I like it much better than mine. Meanwhile, an idea that’s my own and not one taken from out of the aether will probably occur to me about a month from now. Too late for this week’s deadline, of course.

  4. LiLi says:

    is it the farewell to life tea party with death itself but the girl wants to get out of the deal?

  5. Susan says:

    Well, I’m going to have to differ with you as to which of those images I like better, and they are not all that similar to me. There is a lot of misunderstood in your demon, somehow your theoretically primitive technique is quite eloquent.

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