IF – Equipment

special type of flying suit

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15 Responses to IF – Equipment

  1. Susan says:

    Sweet. The bird is lovely.

    It’s funny, everyone has their way of drawing a bird, maybe because it’s one of the first things we draw as children. Yours has a rather muscular way of lifting himself into the air.

    • tim says:

      Well, the secret of my drawing style is, I have no idea how to actually draw anything, so I sort of just take a lot of wild guesses at how things ought to look. Animals, especially, confuse the heck out of me. I mean, I guess I could maybe study them with my own eyes, but my eyes are slightly wonky (it’s the closest technical term). For sure I’ll never get to paint a mural in a natural history museum, on account of how inaccurate my stuff is, even though getting the chance to paint such a mural is my #8 most favorite dream.

  2. Tony LaRocca says:

    I would just love to have an Elroy Jetson antigravity belt!

  3. valgalart says:

    i love this! especially the buildings ;)

  4. Really love your style and the way you illustrated the subject of the week. Congrat!

  5. TMartin says:

    This is really beautiful. It looks like a woodblock print. It’s actually a funny/interesting contrast with the subject matter–kind of primitive-looking media (which looks FABULOUS) with the futuristic kind of theme.

  6. studio lolo says:

    really terrific!! Great choice for pick of the week ;)

  7. Isabelle says:

    Congrat of pick of the week!! Just like TMartin I think it is very similar to a woodblock print. I really like that style!! And also I am a big fan of all the inventive-futuro-machine-jet-take-me-to-the-moon equipments. Bravo!!! :)

  8. khctang says:

    really love your illustration! especially your characters! well done!

  9. Pat says:


    Yay! You’re back! I was quite sad when the link to your old blog didn’t work anymore and I couldn’t see your amazing artwork. Congrats on being chosen for the pick of the week. I do so love your style!!!


  10. s.s.s. says:

    tim…i love this illo. and i love your description of your drawing style and lettering. this is what i love about illustrationfriday…finding a great new artist to visit. i’m gonna spend some time perusing the rest of your site…

  11. ellis says:

    found this via IF homepage. great stuff, well done

  12. tim says:

    Thanks, everyone. I’ll always be a complete amateur at this stuff, but as long as it’s still fun, I guess I’ll keep drawing. I definitely appreciate all the feedback.

  13. Amba says:

    It’s a witch? I love the original houses in the bottom side of the drawing

  14. This is wonderful, Tim. I wouldn’t trade it for a bird painting from the Smithsonian… besides, those have already been ‘done,’ and the perfect bird-like bird has already been created by the Maker… so why re-invent the wheel? (That’s my philosophy about Art, anyway…) And another besides, emotion and life-force is best communicated when the details are left out that SO distract the perfectionistic mind from knowing what is REAL. :) Congrats on the word-of-the-week pick… isn’t it fun?

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