Letterpress: Oscar Lovegrove’s ‘A History of Perelorn,’ p. 640


So this is, I guess, kind of a rough sketch of a very vague idea that I think I might work on later, maybe next semester. If I can figure out a way for it to be less derivative and more distinctly my own style of thing. Anyway, there are a couple of flaws my Inner Critic feels compelled to mention: first, it’s spelled Dardanelles and not the way I spelled it, late at night, without taking a quick time-out to go check it on the Web; second, I bet I could’ve moved the “only” in the third sentence up a line, which would’ve made the right margin less raggedy; third, I never could sort out how to align all the elements, so the composition’s still a bit weird, despite all the hours I spent fiddling with it; fourth, I wish I’d dropped “Bronze” from off the front of “Gnomon,” on account of how the modifier slightly interrupts the rhythm I was going for (not that I ever really know what I’m going for). Nonetheless, I’m starting to get re-accustomed to working with hot metal and proof presses. Plus, the giant pools of ink I used to spill out all over the place are finally starting to become little puddles, which is good. And I’m getting less and less ink on my own self nowadays, which is even better.

Oh, and I didn’t make up the Gnossiennes. Erik Satie did that about 120 years ago. Which you probably know already. I did, however, make up The Trouble, although I haven’t much idea what The Trouble was.

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  1. Susan says:

    Hmmm…Might be interesting to singe the edges, pages rescued from the burning of the library.

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