Ugo Litorina: The Ohm Trilogy

So, I guess I need to mention, in case anyone’s interested: the three books I made covers for this weekend are from Ugo Litorina’s Ohm Trilogy, which is a rather melancholy space opera featuring the adventures of intergalactic philologist Renata Ohm. The first book, The Mourning Star, begins with the famous line, “I had a farm on Europa, in the foothills of the Cilix crater.” Lots of people I’ve met know this line but often don’t realize where it’s from. It was used in the voiceover for the 1987 film Out of Terra, which is sort of very loosely based on Litorina’s work. Not the best film ever made, although I’ve always liked the set designs, which were by Tomas Hutter, who created the weird sf comic Rapid Transit in the late 70s.

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  1. Susan says:

    There’s an echo of an Edgar Allen Poe story, was it called “The Happy Valley” in that first line.

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