Imaginary Paperback: ‘The Evening Strange’

Here’s some disclaimer type of stuff that I ought to mention real quick: the inspiration for this design for Chet Lester’s 1962 classic space anthology is from the actual, non-imaginary paperback cover for William Tenn’s The Human Angle, which was of course by the extremely fabulous Richard Powers. So it’s sort of a parody, but in, I hope, a nice way…sort of as a tribute I guess. I mean, Chet Lester’s imaginary as hell, so there’s no chance this’ll ever actually get published for real for actual money or anything. Anyway, the title’s from Archibald MacLeish’s “You, Andrew Marvell,” which also provided Michael Bishop with one of the best SF titles ever, And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees. So, here’s what the original artwork looks like (this thing’s been pinned to the bulletin board above my drawing table for, I think, at least 10 years—the bulletin board, meanwhile, has traveled to about eight different cities and towns in all that time):

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  1. Susan says:

    I love all your paperback covers, and a special treat to see the title of the science fiction book here – might I suggest “The always rising of the night” as another possible title.

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