2011 Eustace Tilley Contest Entry: Wandering Eye

wandering eye

So, my drawing “Wandering Eye” is one of this year’s winning drawings…which is a shot of much-needed validation, because lately I’ve been feeling pretty un-artistic, or at least sort of weirdly unable to make my pen do what my imagination wants it to do. Anyway, in case it’s not completely obvious already, that was the point of the last four drawings I posted, to somehow figure out how to draw a version of Eustace for the contest. Which I can never entirely figure out, much to my enormous chagrin. Or, I mean, I guess it sort of worked this time. But, still, who knows why.

You can see it and all the other 11 winning pieces here.

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5 Responses to 2011 Eustace Tilley Contest Entry: Wandering Eye

  1. tw says:

    Thanks, Cheryl!

  2. S Jones says:

    Well deserved! Validation, you say? You beat out at least 589 other artists. Heady stuff. Your piece easily had the most style and humor of all the finalists, in my opinion. Nice work.

    • tw says:

      I doubt it was deserved, but thanks. Mostly I think it was just happenstance and randomness…there were hundreds of cool drawings among all the submissions.

  3. Alex says:

    Very cool…saw the 2010 entry in a print ad in a copy of the New Yorker that I picked up at the library today. Congratulations!

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