Genius Spam

I think my so-called blog has now become a thing sort of like a laundry lint trap, because the only comments it gets anymore are just billions of spam comments. Although they’re pretty entertaining comments, even if they’re generated by sweatshop spammers possibly from the nether regions of Narnia (I’m picturing dwarves in dirty Uggs sitting at rows of thrift store computers in a tin Quonset hut that smells like unwashed minotaurs in the middle of a vast and extremely warm desert…which I guess could also be a fairly accurate description of Burning Man). Anyhow, here’s the full text of the best one so far this month: “With his pouty, full lips, angular bone.” I kid you not, that’s the entirety of the message. I mean, I never kid anymore, anyway, because I finally reached the age not long ago where I completely ran out of my limited supply of humorous remarks. Meanwhile, I need to remember to stop looking at other blogs…because not even ten minutes out of bed I somehow ended up looking at a blog full of the best and most awesome illustration work I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life, all of which sort of confirmed my suspicion I’m in the wrong racket. Turns out my guidance counselor maybe should’ve guided me a little better. Oh, well, back to the salt mines, as all the dads in 90% of the neighborhoods in America used to say.

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  1. renxkyoko says:

    This is not a spam. ^o^ But I get these sort of comments too, a lot. What are those for anyway? I check out the link, and what do I get? Viagra, some shop selling electronics, etc.

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