Pen Pal

This important message arrived in my mailbox yesterday: Your Diplomat Has Now Arrive!

And, well, at first I thought it was fake, but then I actually read the email and the guy ended up sounding pretty legit. Apparently, they had a coup a few weeks ago in Yolatengo and former prime minister Nelson Esquivel Jr. needs my help. So I’m supposed to meet him at a Hardee’s in Chattanooga next week to help him figure out how to have another coup that will reverse the effects of the first coup. I think the main effect he wants to reverse is the one that made him have to get a job at a Hardee’s after being the prime minister for about 57 years. Poor guy. I don’t know how he knew I’d be interested in this sort of intrigue, but I’m glad he sent me an internet letter about it. Sounds like fun. Apparently they have thousands of unlimited self-serve frozen yogurt stands in Yolatengo, which pretty much sealed the deal.

So, next week if you ever wonder where I am, that’s where I am. I doubt you’re gonna wonder, of course. I hardly ever wonder anymore, myself.

Dang, though, I guess I sort of a little bit wonder if I will ever draw any kind of pictures ever again?

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