Okay, so, long story short, I’ve been banging away at this particular chunk of text for a very long time. Like, years long. And now I’m about ready to do version No. 3 of a book based on it. Or, well, I say ready, but really I’m only about 10% as ready as I’d like to be…time has completely become my main enemy lately. I haven’t even been home in two weeks and probably won’t go home for maybe three more, except for a one-night trip weekend after next. But, anyway, that’s all Personal Business, which is not what this so-called blog’s about. Not that I know anymore what the hell’s it’s supposed to be about.

The text is definitely not a poem. If I could write poems, which I absolutely cannot do, despite lots of bruising attempts, then I would do that instead of this. What it is mostly is sort of like a children’s book type of text, although one that’s messed-up in tone and idea.

Anyhow, here it is, until I rewrite the whole thing for the umpteenth time:

was the big dream
of Wernher von Braun:

to build a moonship
for going to the Moon.

He had forever wanted
to go there,
to the Moon our sister planet,
to roam around in
the bright wilderness
of dust and stone
up in the middle of the sky.

He wanted
to take his family
to the Moon

and also his friends
from the Rocket Club.

He wanted to fly
everyone up there
in his moonship
and live up there
in an aquarium house
under the perfect black sky.

He wanted most of all
every day and every night
to watch the cloudy planet
of the Earth
wax and wane,

and wax
and wane.

But one day, before he could
ever do any of this,

men from the War Machine
came to him and said,

“We want you
to do a great and terrible thing.
We want you to make us
flocks and swarms and clouds of rockets.
Make them so we can send them over the sea.
Make them so we can fill their bellies
with every kind of way to die.”

And after a little thought,
von Braun said,

“Yes, yes,
for my rockets
it is the same
as taking life
from here to there,
only put a radio
and a gyroscope
and a bomb
where I
and my family
and friends
would ride if the rocket
were a moonship
going to the Moon.”

And so,
with his help,
they did as von Braun said.

They made flocks
and swarms
and clouds
of rockets,

and they sent their rockets
up and over the sea
and their rockets
buzzed and roared and whistled
down into the heart
of a sleeping green country,
which they made into
a dark wilderness
of dust and stone

and made the Moon disappear
for people they did not know.

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