Secret Instructions

I guess it’s sort of old hat by now to take note of the crazy writing in spam. But, as usual, I’m late to the party, so I’m only starting to really notice it now…maybe because I’m so desperate for non-copyrighted text to use for my book arts projects. Which are few and far between, at the moment, a fact I get reminded about on a pretty regular schedule. Mostly by my relentless Balrog of an inner critic…but not always (damn it). Anyway, here’s a paragraph from an internet letter that I got today:

“You have to help the diplomat to get the Yellow Tag Paper so that the customs and immigration will not stop them in the Airport. For security reasons you are advised to follow the rules and regulation of the diplomat for easy collection of the consignment. You have to welcome the diplomat to enable them to deliver the Consignment to you immediately. Be informed that as soon as the diplomat obtains the above name certificate they will deliver the Consignment to your door step.”

And, yes, I know about the awe-inspiring gorgeousness of Henning Wagenbreth’s Cry for Help. I know about it, own it, and love it from page zero to whatever the last page is. But the vague idea I’m maybe having for some sort of book based on these diplomat letters is a different kind of idea. Not a better one, of course. Maybe not even half as good a one. It’s really too vague right now to know the level of goodness of it.

Is it weird, though, that I’m getting so many emails about diplomats on secret missions? It’s not on purpose, believe me. I guess trillions of people get them besides me. But what if they don’t? Oh, well, anyhow, I’m clearly sleep-blogging at this point, so I’m done.

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  1. Susan says:

    You get way cooler spam than me.

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