Some sort of a chart…

job chart

About 47 thousand years ago, one of the things I used to do for a job was I used to make charts and graphs and sometimes drawings of bones and nerves and turtles mating. Also, one time, a Y-maze for bats (maybe my favorite job). And, well, anyhow, I thought I forgot how to make charts, ’cause I tried hard to forget how to make them, but it looks like maybe making charts is the only thing I actually do know how to do, which is nice, I guess. Or, at least, I’m super proud of this one. Still, though…I really need to get caught up drawing actual drawings, if I can quit forgetting how to do them.

Oh, and please ignore the fact the chart’s not 100% accurate. It started getting a lot of arrows all over it, so I quit sticking new ones on, even though there ought to probably be about two to nine more to show all the real relationships. Also, please ignore how boring it is. Just enjoy the relaxing colors.

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