IF – Obsession

The main obsession of the Googler is this: it’s pretty much all the time looking for you so that it can record all your thoughts and feelings and also the innermost parts of your soul, because the recordings are what it eats for food. And if you look at it through the cheapest possible pair of 3-D glasses, it gets slightly more frightening, except for one of the tentacles doesn’t pop out as much as I wanted it to, on account of bad planning that I can’t really fix now, or I could, but my wife’s back home and I want to hang out with her and not anymore with the Internet. But note to self for the future: the composition’s a little screwy…which I think is mostly the monster’s fault. Need to work on that aspect of things, for sure. For about 500 more years.

Anyway, here it is in non-3D:

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5 Responses to IF – Obsession

  1. Your stuff is really interesting. Shame I don’t have any 3D glasses around. Though I think I will for your blog since I think it would heighten the experience. What a nice piece this one is in particular as well.

    • tw says:

      Thanks. I totally recommend getting some 3D glasses…they’re like a dollar everyplace I’ve seen them. But don’t expect tons of magic from my stuff yet…I still have a lot to learn.

  2. karina says:

    Muy bueno !!!!yo me siento así desde que descubrí el mundo de la web .

  3. HerbstKind says:

    I really like your style and the 3d technique you are using in connection with the linol cut. Love the mix of classic art work and modern media

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