‘Pyotr & Uta’ eBook Cover

pyotr and uta cover

I’m trying to learn Fireworks at the moment but it’s going to take me a while, I guess, to get the hang of it. I don’t know if I need to adjust my tablet or what, but all the lines I’m making are more jittery than usual. Which might grow on me, eventually. Or not.

Anyway, this was the first thing I did with it: a sort of rudimentary cover for my sort of rudimentary first eBook, which is now for sale on Amazon. The Kindle version is the kind of cockeyed result of many long and sunny summer months spent stuck in this chair at this desk while I tried really, really hard to learn some technology, which isn’t exactly my strong suit, not that I actually have much idea what my strong suit is. Just because of my novice status, in fact, part of me thinks I should sell Pyotr + Uta for zero dollars, but I quit mowing lawns for money a while back and so if I can earn a couple of bucks a month from doing this type of work, then maybe all the computery learning was worth it.

I still have a lot to figure out about Kindle files. Lots of the traditional skills used in designing traditional books are kind of left loitering around in the alleyway out back of the studio when it comes to making one of these deals…and yet, maybe book designers ought to be involved in the technology, if only to keep it from going off into some really bad area, like how it sometimes does.

Just, you know, if you could, let me know how it works for you, if it works. The text is short and simple and I pretty much just scribbled the cover art real quick just to get it done. But right now the process is what’s important. Maybe eventually I can get back to worrying about the content…which I need to worry about more and more as time goes by, which it’s doing faster than ever nowadays.

So far I know it works okay on the iPad. Which totally makes me dumbfounded but also glad, in a vague and pretty weird sort of way. I mean, is this book arts? Or something different and not art-like work at all? I completely do not know.

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