eBook Cover: ‘The Red Wilderness’

ebook cover 01

ebook cover 02

The font’s not my work, but is instead Bellon Square, which I got from a CD of similar fonts that was in the back of the book Typography for the People, which is one of the world’s most awesome books ever.

Looking back on this project, I’m not as enamored of the extremely red cover as I was before. But I’m not sure I like the black-background version much better. I think I just need to revisit the whole thing, perhaps even do it over from scratch. Or maybe keep at least a couple of the weirdo shapes? Still, I think I’m getting a handle, of sorts, on how to design eBook covers. Which is nice because there are days when I wish a lot that was my main job in life, just because it seems like a super fun type of job.

Meanwhile, the Kindle version of the book is available on Amazon for the low price of 99 cents. Just know ahead of time that the story is a much-rejected old piece from the Tin Age of science fiction. And it was rejected for only good reasons each time. I tweaked it some and so it’s slightly better now…but, really, I mostly just needed some text to use for learning how to make Kindle books, and “The Red Wilderness” happened to be handy. But it misses being a profoundly awesome story by a very long distance.

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