2012 Life Raft Debate Poster

UM Life Raft Debate

Probably the most fun poster I’ve ever gotten to draw in pretty much my whole life. I mean, I liked drawing the Literary Festival ones a lot, too, but now that job’s been inherited by students, which is of course how it should be. I probably did it too many years in a row, in fact. But, anyway, dang this was a fun one to draw, even though it’s full of dozens of bad flaws like everything else I’ve ever made.

Update: My wife, in my opinion, did a completely kick-ass job telling a sad and funny and then sad again story about the end of the world. Just so you know, all you unlucky blog readers who weren’t there that night.

Plus: In my gladness about being away from real work for a little while, I went extremely nuts doing too many colors in this thing, sort of for no good reason, because fewer colors would have been fine. So, next time, if there is a next time, I’ll try not to give the printer too many mental aggravations. Sorry about that, basically. Like I said, very extremely nuts.

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