IF – Urban (Future Style of Yelp)


This is one of those drawings that I’m just kind of going to have to give up on after 97 million hours of struggle, even though it seems like it ought to be fixable, somehow. Anyway, I probably in the first place shouldn’t have started it from an old drawing that I never liked all that much. Yet I went ahead and did it anyway, as if pretty much zero lessons from the last several years have ever once gotten past the middles of my ears. Of course, it didn’t help that I had to wait on the extremely unreliable local internet for two hours to upload it, which gave me two extra hours to stare forlornly at it, which nonetheless didn’t give me any new ideas for how to fix it. I guess I can take a fresh run at maybe drawing something brand new tomorrow, which really just means later on today, on account of how it’s almost 3 a.m. here, wherever “here” is.

Gosh, though…I’m never proud of anything I draw or write, except maybe just this once I’m slightly not unhappy about “12 parsecs south of Houston.” That’s almost exactly where “here” is, come to think of it. Wonder what nickname our neighborhood could be? SoHole (because we’re south of the quarry)? NoLime (because we’re north of another quarry)? Or maybe just Dumbo, for Down Under Many Big Oaks, which I hope don’t fall on us on account of the tornado that’s apparently on its way here tomorrow, according to the kind of warning I used to take lightly but not anymore after seeing what happens when twisters come through for real. Anyway, tomorrow in broad shiny daylight is probably a way better time for those kinds of thoughts, too.

By the way, I hope this drawing isn’t as off-topic as it seems. Every trip to the city seems to involve tons of Yelp consultation now, so I associate urban life with endlessly looking up ideas for how and where to enjoy urban life. If that makes sense, which it possibly doesn’t.

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