Printing Project: Negative


The plan was, I was supposed to blog my thesis. I even took a trillion occasionally not blurry pictures for proof that work was happening, plus wrote down tons of pages of notes. But the thesis ended up kicking my butt in at least fifty different ways and my butt’s still immensely sore from all of that, so the posts are all going to be retrospective. But not yet, because I first have to unbreak about ten thousand broken image links on this new blog, which is really just the old blog in a new home. So, until that gets done, here’s my most favorite picture from the whole thesis process, even if it’s not a great picture. What it shows is a chunk of text from the 24″ x 96″ negative that I used for making 57 polymer plates. Anyway, that’s all for now. Except, I passed, for anyone I didn’t get to tell this to right after it actually happened. If it actually happened, because most of the time it usually feels like it happened in a pretty crazy dream.

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