Special Radiation Glasses

special glasses

I kind of know what this is, ’cause it’s sort of for one of the little books I’m sort of making this semester, but I’m kind of not ready to talk about it yet. Not, you know, that I’ll have much useful stuff to say if and when I ever am ready to talk about it, ’cause I only ever half know what I’m doing. Which is shame, but so it always goes.

I am, though, pretty worried that years of going around everywhere with headphones on has somehow disarrayed my brain stem, ’cause now, for some reason, I’m totally having auditory hallucinations of Brian Eno’s “An Ending (Ascent).” Like, I mean, I hear it all the time, even when I’m not wearing headphones, and also even if all I’ve been listening to all month is Loch Lomond or Diblo Dibala or perhaps the soundtrack to some obscure Soviet film. Which, okay, I guess I can live with the backside of my head sounding like a PBS fundraising spot…but I do wonder why it’s pretty specifically that tune, and not, as I might possibly prefer, the first thirty-seven drumbeats of X’s “The Hungry Wolf.” Anyway, back to the salt mines, as I bet nearly everyone’s dad used to say.

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