Rubber Stamps

rubber stamps

Okay, Internets, all I’ve got for you today’s a random sketchbook drawing, which contains way more pixels than meanings, and also a PDF Style Handout I’m supposed to use kind of soon to show some folks how to make rubber stamps, which I guess isn’t really a big enough subject to require a whole sheet of instructions and illustrations. But that’s the assignment, so I’m doing it, or, I mean, I did do it earlier today, instead of doing the fourteen other things I also need to do, like research thick description and cryptography and problem boxes and ritual patterns, and design some sort of ring for jewelry class, and read thirty classic American short stories, and figure out where to maybe take a craft class next summer, if such a thing’s even possible, if I ever even graduate (week to week, I never know for sure this is actually gonna happen). Anyway, there are seventy-nine jillion websites with way better rubber stamp info than I’ve stuck in my PDF, but I was slightly proud of my extra-neat border. I never do neat borders. Anyway, here’s the sketch I mentioned:

random sketch

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