Postcard: “Engine Noise”

engine noise postcard 01

engine noise postcard 02

Still up to my neck with stuff to do, which is good, but that’s why I’m still not drawing new stuff yet, although that’s at the top of the list that I’ll start on after this other list is done. If only the leaky faucet would stop leaking instead of continuing to baffle everyone who comes to visit it. (Maybe it’s a magic spring like Lourdes or something? Except I’m looking my age and then some more and more every day, so it’s for sure not a youth fountain.) Anyway, maybe the next plumber will fix it (every finger crossed). And if not, we still have half the phone book to go before we run out of them. Meanwhile, here’s a postcard I meant to post a couple of months ago. I did it from two random old linocuts and a polymer plate made from a fragment from an old sketchbook.

Oh, and my wife and I had an excellent day hike and also an excellent dinner and then we went to see an excellent play. It’s good to be back home! I mean, the last three years of having to be away a lot were for a hugely important goal. But it’s nice to get to know the place where we live all over again.

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