New World

new world cover

new world 02

new world 03

new world 04

new world 05

new world 06

new world 07

new world 08

new world 09

new world 10

So I guess this is pretty much the layout for the so-called book I guess I’m working on, in-between other tasks and chores and whatnot. Although, I ought to mention, this thing, it’s not exactly a real book, instead it’s more of a ‘zine-like object, although who would want or need this particular ‘zine is a real good question. Also, it’s not even really a ‘zine, on account of how it doesn’t contain a longish confession of childhood misdemeanors or a cartoon illustrating the kinds of epiphanies people can have when watching leaves fall off of trees or a recipe for a weird kind of candy or any super-obscure music and book recommendations. Or, well, I mean, I reckon I can recommend uploading your files to the sound of Guitar Paradise of East Africa (Cardiac Records, 1991), and also, it’s fun to read The Crying of Lot 49 at the same time as you’re reading The Grapes of Wrath, though don’t ask my why I’m doing that, ’cause I don’t actually know.

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