Ancient ‘Whirlygig’ Zine Art in 3D

anaglyph zine drawing

I can’t believe this anaglyph drawing actually sort of works. I took a xerox of an old zine layout (and I mean, it’s a really extremely old one) and cut it up into layers in Photoshop. Then I did the layer-multiplying and the R-versus-GB-levels-changing thing and then shifted the reds and cyans this way and that until it all kind of turned out pretty close to plan. It took about 10 minutes total, a fact I’m more happy about than I can say. I guess it would work better with a busier background and I would for sure draw the figure a different way now. But, even so…I continue to disbelieve I might have actually learned how to do this type of art. Anyway, that’s all I know for now.

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