My status today is: overwhelmed already, even though school’s hardly even started yet. But, whatever. I could be back in my old cubicle, building databases and running queries and moving taxpayer money around in a sort of listless fashion from account to account. Or, well, actually, I couldn’t go back to that, because now that we live slightly left of the middle of nowhere, there aren’t any nearby cubicles I could work in. About the main thing we do have is a building for sale that keeps taunting me with its potential awesomeness every time I make the weekly drive from here to school and back. But we can’t do anything awesome with the building until I’m done with whatever it is I’m doing (which I better figure out extremely soon). And maybe we can’t do anything cool with it even then, because of not exactly being blessed with oceans of free time. Or energy. Or business acumen, which is probably the most important thing you need to have when you start fantasizing about putting a book arts studio/coffee shop in any sort of pre-war gas station or corner grocery. It’s a nice dream, though, the kind of dream that can make the hour-plus drive to where my school’s at seem not quite so long.

Wow, that’s not even really a coherent paragraph, is it? Oh, well. Coherent thoughts aren’t really my thing these days.

So, in the meantime, that eBook I posted on Amazon has a tremendous typo in it, which is nice. I’ll figure out how to republish it later, since the rest of today’s all about finishing the second eBook, if I can even do that in the next 10 hours. But, anyway, the typo’s a good reminder about not being smug about other people’s typos, which I might’ve been a little bit before. Like, if you read a lot of eBooks, then you pretty quickly notice that a lot of them have boatloads of pretty egregious errors, which is annoying and disturbing and disgruntling. I thought at first this was because of the poor working conditions in the sweltering backwater of Tatooine where I imagine they bang these things out. But it turns out one famous book I read had all the exact same typos in a paperback edition from the early 90s. So now I don’t know who to blame. In my case, I guess I’ll blame my amateurism…but I can only do that for maybe a couple weeks longer. After that, if there are typos in my stuff, it’ll be because of problems with my nascent professionalism.

Dang I’m tired. And yet I have a bunch of notes here about lots more things I need to write about to clarify some ideas for my fall semester project. But…maybe by Wednesday that can happen. Let’s hope. Because I very much need to clarify my ideas immediately, or else.

P.S. I think you can just re-upload your book file via Kindle Direct Publishing to correct anything that needs to get corrected. We’ll see if it works. I haven’t read through all the forums and stuff to confirm this…too much to do at the moment. So I’m just going on intuition here. But the “book details” page seems set up to allow this. Although it’s probably way better just to catch typos before they go out in the world in the first place. And now I’m done thinking out loud.

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