Leap Day Book

leap day book

Here’s a thing I did to commemorate the weird day that’s happening today. Here’s the main thing I learned from doing it: it’s best to only put enough pages in the stack that they don’t sort of frictionally unscrew the Chicago screw as people rotate the pages out of the way while they’re reading the book. This mistake was probably an amateur move that everybody else already knows about. I ended up removing a couple of pages so the thing would work right, but I just wish I’d planned better. At least I was pretty close even without using a micrometer. But I should totally use a micrometer from now on.

Here’s a PDF of the whole entire book, which is 4″x4″ in real life.

I know the picture makes it look bigger . . . but it was inspired a while back by a Talas sample book, so if you know what those are like, then that’s the scale and mechanics of this piece.

I think I’m starting to like the idea of doing these as books only as ebooks of various kinds. Keeps them from getting immediately thrown away, at least.

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