Handy Pocket Guide to Albertus

albertus books

Only a highly advanced mental doctor could explain why I just spent 87 hours and a large number of imaginary dollars making a whole big stack of these little books, which I didn’t really need to make for a presentation on a font few humans like that’s only supposed to last, at most, ten very short minutes. I mean, I guess I learned some stuff from doing them, so I guess that’s the redeeming thing. I do like learning stuff, after all, even if folks are often surprised to hear folks from where I’m from say such unexpected things.

Here’s a PDF with the inside parts of the book in it.

Seriously though, Internet, remind me next time this kind of project is maybe not necessary even if it seems like a halfway good idea for maybe the first five minutes of doing it. I mean, I guess I should always wait and take the advice of that very ornery sixth minute. Next time I totally will do just that. Although I probably won’t.

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