The Hebelschneider/Bordschaar/Cisaille/Cizalla/Taglierina has arrived! It’s lovely! We’ll be paying for it for the next six months! But whatever! It has a safety shield and everything! So maybe I can keep the rest of my fingers for a while longer! Or so I hope!

Speaking of fingers: the one I nearly sliced off at the end of last semester got glued back on and is mostly healed, I guess, but it feels like it’s received a permanent dose of Novocaine. But on the top part and not the part you need for doing handicrafts. Plus, I guess the nerves grow back eventually? Maybe? Please tell me they do.

But, anyhow, it was partly on account of the finger that I stopped updating this thing. The other part of the reason was, the pile of work has lately been bigger than ever. Which is nice. But, also, wow, basically. Anyway, me not updating so much is probably going to happen a lot more…even if I’m trying to be more disciplined about everything.

Meanwhile, the most recent thing I did was, I fixed most of the eBooks that needed fixing that are listed on the webpage for my Fall 2011 eBook project. So, enjoy or whatever. The last one, the 3D Monster one, that one still needs some formatting attention…but, later, because right now I have two very close deadlines coming up really, really soon.

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