Scrapbook: ‘Depero Futurista’

depero futurista

A quick bad phone picture of a scrapbook thing I did for one of my classes. I was basically trying to make a facsimile of Fortunato Depero’s Depero Futurista, since real copies are apparently going for about $13,000 US dollars these days, which is about $12,999 more dollars than I can spend on this kind of stuff. Anyhow, I ended up not making a facsimile because it’s pretty much impossible to find good clear online images of all the various pages, (although it is sort of possible to get some idea of what the insides look like). What I did instead was, I just put together a 50 page scrapbook of some half-random Futurist designs so I can carry them around while I try to figure out what exactly my Big Project will be about, which I kind of need to figure out extremely soon. Plus, doing this thing gave me some good practice using InDesign and the Kutrimmer. I mean, even though I plan on someday operating a fully digital press, I guess I still need to get a lot better at cutting stuff, which is sometimes harder than figuring out software.

Also, yeah, I know, some publisher put out a facsimile of Depero’s book-like portfolio back in the 1970s, but copies are hard to come by and are really expensive, in any case.

I guess I should just find out the nearest library that has a copy and go see it, someday. It’s not like I actually need to own more than the thirty tons of books I already own.

Oh, and the scale is 1:2. And I didn’t use nuts and bolts with cotter pins, but just plain old regular Chicago screws.

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