‘Quad’ Book




Again, the low-fi pictures are 98% my fault, because any camera more complicated than a cigar box with a hole in it is apparently too much camera for me. But it’s also somewhat the fault of the prints…which I can’t see objectively anymore, on account of staring at them non-stop for the last 400 weeks (or so it feels). Anyhow, this project was from last semester, which feels already like it happened a hundred thousand years ago. It went over kind of like a lead balloon, but I learned a lot about how to do projects, so that was nice. Maybe my next one will go over like a tin balloon. The day of them going up like a regular balloon-style balloon is in any event still about half a billion days away.

The point of the book was to collect random phrases people said in the quad outside my school’s library and to make lino blocks out of the phrases and to print and bind them in a sort of random order, so that no two books are the same. The book ended up having a structural problem, which is sad, and also a “way too much green ink” problem, but every book is a stepping stone on an uphill path (or something). I’m working on doing better, in other words.

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