We Have Sleds

we have sleds

Forgot to post this hand-drawn sign from a few weeks back. The letters all had serifs on them like little toothpicks glued to the ends of sticks painted black. Or something. I’m not fit for coming up with good similes at the moment after a trillion hours of catching up on work. Anyhow, this sign was at an intersection in a city up the road where we’d stopped at a light and I thought I saw a Yellow Cab in the corner of my eye, but soon saw that it was just a lady in a sedan who apparently liked cab-colored things.

By the way, this announcement was posted in a hardware store in a place where it has snowed only about 6 times since the Pleistocene. Which I guess is the reason for the improvised design. They must have a stash of Flexible Flyers left over from olden times. But not so much luck getting rid of them, I would think, since it snowed only about 700 flakes that day. In any case, I’m super fond of these letterforms because of the happiness they cause inside the middle part of my soul.

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