Unless stroon or boosterspice or Full Medical treatments become available at a super-low price incredibly soon (and good luck with all of that), I’m way, way past the halfway point of my time on this Earth. So of course my memory is starting to fall apart, bit by bit. Fortunately, I’m still at the moderately entertaining stage of brain shrinkage. Like, for example, this just happened an hour ago: I was prepping for a class I’m going to teach and I needed to refresh my memory about a particular art procedure. I mean, even though I’ve done the procedure a ton of times before, I couldn’t for the life of me recall if it required matte or gloss medium. Yesterday, wandering about doing errands in a fog of unknowing, I went ahead bought the glossy kind ($30!) but then today started to have second and third thoughts about my purchase. So I googled the procedure as one does nowadays, to see what the crowd had to say about it. And before long I ended up looking at a blog that was chock full of pictures of folks doing the exact procedure I needed to know about. And the more I looked at the pictures, the more they started to look weirdly familiar. And then I realized a couple of the pictures, which only featured human hands doing art activities with a block of wood, were of me from a year ago doing the exact thing I couldn’t remember a detail about this week.

And, yes, the pictures revealed I totally bought the wrong kind of goo yesterday. Not that it matters a bunch, but I’ll get the right kind soon. Then maybe later on I can use the wrong kind to finally get my custom découpage business off the ground, just like I’ve been dreaming about ever since the waning days of the Populuxe era.

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