Imaginary Book Cover: ‘Logan’s Run’


An imaginary cover for a Norwegian edition of the ancient science fiction novel, Logan’s Run. The bad translation of the tagline is: “In the future, there is no future!” But I have no idea if that’s right or not…my method is mostly pure guesswork. Of course, instead of spending the last four hours guessing, I could have done some of the actual grown-up work I have to do, but I first just really needed to get this thing out of my head, on account of it’s been up in there bugging me for the last several weeks. The main inspiration for the drawing was this post over at io9. Plus a constant inspiration is just having a vast and incurable love for old paperbacks. Much to the chagrin of our poor old shelves.

My one concession to the backed-up other work is I’m not going to take another hour aging this thing via Photoshop and Painter. I mean, maybe it’s a totally mint condition cover, despite the supposed huge antiquity of the book. Next time, though, I’m going to enjoy downgrading the heck out of it with all sorts of foxing and scuffs and creases. That part’s nearly as much fun as the drawing part.

Also, yes, I now know from Wikipedia that there are about 17 errors in this piece. Like, apparently the clock ought to be black if it’s already down to zero. Plus I think I have it on the wrong hand (although, which hand is that, anyway?). But I was around 13 the last time I read the book, which is about the same amount of time ago as the distance to the middle of the Pleistocene. And I think I last saw the movie when I was 14. So, anyhow, maybe it’s not dementia causing my illustration mistakes so much as I just need to refresh my memory by taking a new look at stuff. Except, I tried doing that recently by rereading the 70’s-era novelization of a famous space war movie, which I thought would be a fun brainless thing to do, post-MFA. Instead it was slightly less fun than reading the ingredients on a box of Shredded Wheat. In any case, there’s too much new stuff to read to go back over old stuff. So, whatever’s wrong about this book cover will just have to stay wrong, I guess. Good thing I like wrongness in art.

Speaking of wrongness, I’ve redrawn this thing 12 times due to a lot of hectoring from my inner Malcolm Tucker. But B. says I probably ought to stop redrawing it because I’ve been looking at it too much and can’t see it clearly anymore, which is undoubtedly true. Hope the next drawing’s a lot less trouble. Hope there will someday be a next drawing.

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