Bonus Info: Origami Books


There are way prettier pictures than this all over the Internet of various styles of origami books, but this is where I’m at right now with this stuff. I’m sticking to the less-decorated paper for the moment because I figure I should save the good kind for when I’m better at folding and also better at not folding things that shouldn’t be folded. They’re a lot of fun to make, though, so maybe it won’t be too long before I can graduate to the cool geometric prints. Anyway, you end up with 8 pages going by this pattern, which I learned from the video down below. Plenty enough space for recording maybe 1.5 medium-deep thoughts.

For anyone who was in my class, I would definitely recommend paying extra close attention to what’s happening around the ten-minute mark. That’s when the cover of the book really starts to come together and is also where I think I got slightly scrambled up in my instructions. I mean, everyone’s books came out fine and looked exactly like how they should look, but I think I passed over a small but important step around about this point. Anyhow, all’s well that ends well. I hope everyone makes tons more because I think it might be kind of fun to put on a little show sometime soon of origami books in the Library (or wherever).

I just ordered a used copy of a book by Dave Brill, who apparently came up with this particular design, so I can share that with everyone later. Meanwhile, I got a copy of Yuri and Katrin Shumakov’s Origami Miniature Library and plan to start studying it soon. So far it seems like it contains a pretty thorough and interesting array of projects. For sure are many more ways to fold a book than just the one shown here.

Anyway, that’s all I know for now. The next job is to finish a couple of diagrams and then it’s on to the Penland pictures(!), which is a way-overdue blog post. After that, maybe a few new drawings…but, we’ll see.

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