Print Shop Signage

Photo by Sean P. Morrissey

Photo by Sean P. Morrissey

I went slightly nuts drawing signs for my class at Penland, but because of being constantly busy (which I was glad about) I went somewhat less nuts taking pictures of everything, which I kind of regret now…like, I wish I had about twenty snapshots of each of the ten-thousand great moments that happened. Still, I found these images on the Penland Print Media Tumblr which ought to give you some idea of just how nuts I went. Now the signs are who-knows-where and I kind of miss them a whole lot, but I guess I can make more for the next class. Just need to actually start using all the markers and Bristol board I’ve been hoarding so I don’t end up on a hoarding show but instead maybe end up a show about crazy signs. Plus that way I can correct errors…because there are always errors.

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