4th of July & Other Miscellany


The Penland 4th of July party, which we had instead of the usual parade because of unusual amounts of rain, was a blast. A blurry, mind-scrambling, went-by-too-quick blast. That I have only a few pictures of because I had my hands full keeping my costume from shedding tumbleweeds of masking tape. I have to say, though, I haven’t remembered the rain at all since we left (well, until just now). Instead all I can remember is everybody laughing pretty much the entire time. Here we are getting ready upstairs in The Pines. You can see the whole “Inked and Feathered” crew over on Penland’s blog.



Oh, and Printmaking and Letterpress won the trophy for Best Studio Spirit, which is the trophy we designed, so our crafty plan to win it back worked. Although, actually, it didn’t require a plan…as far as I could tell, the upbeat mood in both classes didn’t flag once the whole session. Now the trophy Printmaking won a couple years back has a new (but probably a little bit less durable) neighbor. The base, by the way, was once a box for frozen “banana-flavored” treats, in case you ever notice a vaguely banana-like scent emanating from the trophy. You’re not crazy, in other words…but, you know, the scent is probably some space age faux-banana polymer, so be careful not to inhale too much of it!



We auctioned off our parade gear to raise some money for the scholarship fund. I was sad to see it go, but glad it sold and even more glad that our funky menagerie is now out in the world someplace having, I assume, various big adventures and whatnot.

And now for some uncaptioned photos of yet more shop signage. Plus a couple of bonus images of eye-catching colors/patterns/textures that appeared in the studio during session three. I wish I had many more of these last kind, since this is about 1% all the cool things I saw happening the printed work. Anyhow, enjoy!












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