Sketchbook: Mirror Scene from a Chantal Akerman Film


Already you can see the theme is going to be mirror scenes, which are pretty interesting to me for lots of reasons. First of all, I like the way they multiply images in a shot. Plus I like the way they show a window into yet another world beyond the other world we’re already looking at through the window of the frame. I also like thinking about how they complicate making shots (or at least how I assume they complicate the process). I mean, mirrors have to be tricky elements on a set, right? Since they can easily reveal the things we’re not supposed to see, all the ragged unglamorous technical business that happens outside the field of view.

Drawn from a screenshot from Je tu il elle, a dark, sad, baffling piece from 1974. But a film that has the kind of non-story story I sometimes kind of like, where you have to imagine a lot more than you’re shown about who the characters are and the world they inhabit.

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