Imaginary Souvenir: Menu from the Ham Cabin


Just some of that “idle hands are the Devil’s workshop” kind of stuff. Not that I’m ever actually idle. But it seemed like an okay moment in-between being super-busy with other things to draft this silly made-up menu. Your next question, of course, is why? Well, we saw a scarily similar menu on a recent trip and I got really interested in knowing if I could design such a thing. I mean, studying and making ephemera is sort of one of my favorite pastimes, you know? Just figuring out how and why this kind of stuff looks the way it looks is in any case good practice using the old computing machine. Plus this is exactly the sort of goofy faux printing we used to do back in the very olden letterpress days. But I guess it’s mostly out of my system now . . . and so back to real work. Oh, but first: clicking on the image opens a PDF of the menu. And the excellent rustic font is Woody by the excellent Diane Dipiazza. Otherwise, the real menu I looked to for a model used plain old Times New Roman. And, seriously, the real food items are about 80% the same as these.

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