Sketchbook: Sunday Painter


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2 Responses to Sketchbook: Sunday Painter

  1. Mary Wehner says:

    You remain one of my favorite creative, slightly crazy, brilliant and wonderful guys I’ve ever known. I am reading your blog, checking the fantastical artwork and swimming in your fresh views from a hotel room on a Saturday afternoon in Wausau WI. Visiting friends. I’m finally able to take the time to read “all about you.” Miss our talks but Penland sounds like it was great! I will stay in touch. You too! Mary

    • tw says:

      Thanks, Mary! Penland was awesome, as always, but I missed you there a lot. Bryn got to go, though, and loved every minute of it. And all the new people I met were some of the best people ever. Hope you had a great summer! I’ll definitely keep in touch. And thanks for visiting my site. I’m pretty unfocused lately and trying to get better about that . . . just trying really hard in general to get my bearings after graduation. Pretty soon I won’t have a choice but to pick one project at a time and stick with it. Hope that happens really soon, actually. Thanks again for everything!!!

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