“How to Operate a Book”

In the midst of reading sermons by tech evangelists quoting various “visionaries” and “thought leaders,” all of which is the kind of carnival barking that’s starting to lead my thoughts toward a raid on the fridge, I ran across this very awesome video that I believe is in fact the most awesome video ever made. Next week, of course, I’ll think another video takes the prize, but this one’s still great, no matter what. Oh, and speaking of sermons, I hope the trend to title an essay “What We Talk About When We Talk About [blank]” will be over kind of soon. I mean, no matter who actually wrote the final version of it, that’s still one of my favorite stories from a book chock full of stories I love. Also, the whole “Umpteen Ways of Looking at [whatever]” meme could take a long vacation, too, possibly to the Oort Cloud. I’ll accept it from Umberto Eco, but he has an extremely respectable beard and also looks great in fedoras, which is a hard hat to pull off, in my opinion. Anyway, I’ve clearly been reading far too many articles and not stepping away enough to draw or make brand new things (which is Job 1, to borrow from Ford). How to find the balance? I’m working on it, really hard. That’s actually Job Zero. Then Job 1 can start happening, hopefully every day, or nearly so. But, seriously, the video is pure genius.

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